Introduction • Becoming an iTeacher
• Accountability • Going Mobile • Looking Ahead

If you intend to receive graduate credit (ED 560i), you must decide by the end of Week 1; click or tap here for more information.

In your welcome e-mail, we mentioned the importance of you having an iPad (any model, including the iPad Mini) to interact with as you progress through this class. While it is not necessary to have an iPad to review the class content, you will need to either have an iPad or similar device or be able to work with other teachers that do have an iPad for your final project.
Week 1 Video Introduction

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You can view the course content on any computer or mobile device. You will be creating videos and other content using an iPad as part of your final project. However, and this is really important, your students can view your videos and other online content that you will create during this course on any computer or mobile device. We are simply showing you how to use the iPad as a powerful tool to help you increase your students' achievement in many amazing ways. So let's get started and have some fun!

Activity Summary