Suggested Readings: Week 1

Below is information on and links to this week's readings. Probably unlike any other graduate class you have taken, the suggested readings for this course are not refereed journal articles; rather, they are resources that will help you help your students learn core and other subjects. Briefly review the list and then select a minimum of two to read, review, and/or interact with those that interest you.

Becoming an iTeacher

Discovery Education
 combines scientifically proven, standards-based digital media and a user community in order to empower teachers to improve student achievement.

Habits of an Effective iPad Teacher This resource is a poster that summarizes the philosophies and habits of two educators when defining what it takes to be an effective iPad Teacher.

Shift_Learning: The 7 Most Powerful Idea Shifts In Learning Today explains several emerging trends in education that dramatically affect teaching.

14 Technology Concepts Every Teacher Should Know About Here is a guide to the key concepts with which iTeachers need to be familiar. This brief article highlights the key terms and concepts associated with mobile learning.


Report Highlights Changes in Teacher Evaluation Systems This article summarizes and links to key findings on trends in teacher evaluations. Published by the National School Boards Association's (NSBA) Center for Public Education (CPE), the study describes the approaches taken by individual states and how these changes will impact teachers, students, and the quality of education.


Verizon Foundation partners with some of the country’s top educational organizations to provide you with the latest topics, tools and trends in education. Content Partner resources are aligned to state standards and the common core.

Promoting and Implementing the National Education Association Policy Statement on Teacher Evaluation and Accountability: An NEA toolkit explains the National Education Associationís policy on teacher evaluation, peer assistance, peer assistance and review, and fair dismissal.



What Exactly Is Drawing Young Women Away From STEM Fields? – This article highlights research determining some of the key reasons young women are reluctant to entire the STEM fields.

Removing Obstacles to STEM Education is Critical to U.S. Vitality – In this article, the President of San Jose State University describes what he perceives to be the greatest challenges facing STEM educators and how these issues could be addressed.

Going Mobile

Summarizing Using Text Messaging – Summarizing is an academic task that students are expected to have mastered by the time they enter col­lege. However, experience reveals quite the contrary. This paper describes how an instructor used text mes­saging to teach undergraduate students to summarize.

Mobile Learning – The Third Dimension highlights the advantages and capabilities of using mobile technology for training and education.

Mobile Learning Technologies for 21st Century Classrooms focuses on recent efforts to integrate mobile technology in the classroom to accommodate the needs of “digital natives.”

12 Principles of Mobile Learning This article discusses 12 principles that will promote “self-actuated personalization” amongst mobile learners.