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Welcome to Week 2!

Think back to the last time you were waiting for an airplane, sitting at Starbucks, or another place where people congregate. If you looked around you probably saw some people talking on their smartphones, others texting or sharing pictures on Instagram, and still others working on Word documents or reading an e-book. There might have been a child playing games or watching a movie on an iPad. Those in the iGeneration are all around us and mobile devices now influences many of the ways we interact with each other and share information.

Week 2 Video Introduction

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This week you will begin to explore this mobile
“Always On” world. We will first introduce you to
some of the key terminology and concepts behind mobile tools, and then you have the opportunity to actually start downloading and playing with apps. We will provide you with a rubric tool to help you determine which apps are most educational sound and appropriate for your students and give you more tips for maximizing the use of your iPad or iPhone. So let’s get started!

Activity Summary