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Mobile Tools and Applications iGeneration

1. Reflective Assignment — Course Content, Readings, and More

Part A: Write an informal 100–150 word reflection on your learning exploration this week as you reviewed the Lesson Content, iLearning in Action, and Me, Myself, and iOS sections.

Part B: In 100–150 words, review and reflect on a minimum of two of the resources provided in this week's Suggested Readings.

Note: Please do not summarize what you explored; instead, discuss your personal reactions, new ideas, significant insights, and how the information can be used to support you becoming an iTeacher.

Part C: Review a minimum of two apps from this week’s Apps Exploration and write a 25 word reflection on each app you review. A rubric is a great way to evaluate apps. For this week only, use this rubric and score the apps you selected for review. Comment on the scores each app received and if that encouraged or discouraged you from using the app. Basically, we just want you to explore if an app rubric is beneficial for you to use.

2. Application Assignment

Last week you surveyed your students to determine what sort of mobile and technical devices they either owned or were able to use. This week the focus shifts to how your students use these devices. Do your students have Facebook or other social networking accounts? Do they tweet? Find out if any students have their own blogs or wikis, and since we are focusing on mobile devices, ask your students about their app use. What are their favorites? How do they decide which ones to download? How many of your students are “Always On” making them part of the iGeneration? Specifically as if they would prefer reviewing your instructional content on a smartphone or a tablet?

Write a brief summary of what you learned including what surprised you about how your students used mobile technology tools. If you are not currently able to survey classroom students, try surveying a few kids in your neighborhood or community.

: Concentrate your survey on how they use apps, social networking, or other media, not on the hardware they use.

3. Submission Instructions

Type your assignment (items 1 and 2 above) single–spaced with an extra line between paragraphs. Create your assignment in a word processor and save often. Complete both the reflective and application assignments in the same file. Include the appropriate heading at the beginning of each section (i.e. Reflective Assignment Part A, Reflective Assignment Part B, Application Assignment). Then, copy and paste your assignment into the body of an e–mail message. Do not send your assignment as an attachment. Enter Week 2 Assignment in the Subject line of your e–mail message. Submit your assignment on or before midnight on the activity’s due date. Review the Schedule under Course Home for due dates.