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Welcome back to Me, Myself, and iOS and let your iOS exploration continue!

Before we find out what Justin is up to this week, please watch the video below from the Apple Web site about iOS.

Making a difference. One app at a time.

As we mentioned last week, Steve Jobs has changed the world and  is continuing to change it one app at a time. You too can, like never before, make a difference in how your students’ learn, one iTeacher “idea” at a time.

Okay, now let’s see what Justin is up to this week!

Note: This is the only app or iBook that we would like you to pay for in this class, think of this as your class textbook; all others are free or optional. For $2.99 you will get a very cool and informative way for you to learn how to effectively use your iPad as a powerful teaching and learning tool.


Wow! An app that is also a digital book─now that is a new concept─and part of another new concept called “iPublishing.” We will explore iPublishing later in this course and we’re sure you’ll be excited about the possibilities. In fact, you might be inspired with a final project idea or an idea you can use to create out of class content for your students. Are you starting to see what we mean by going mobile and being an iTeacher?